What are you doing to make your packaging more sustainable?


The information in this article covers both THE ICONIC and THE ICONIC OUTLET

In May this year, we launched a more sustainable shipping satchel, which means that all orders sent from THE ICONIC fulfilment centre are now using satchels made of 100% post-consumer plastic waste -recycled plastic that has had a previous life and can be recycled again! Our new satchels and their recycled content are certified under GECA’s (Good Environmental Choice Australia) Recycled Product Standard

It was important for us to achieve 100% recycled content in our new satchels, which wasn’t easily achieved in our usual black design, so as a testament to our sustainability commitments, we’ve made the switch to white satchels. Similarly, since we are committed to avoiding unnecessary waste, our transition from our former black packaging to new white packaging will take a few months.

Customers can recycle our satchels again, together with the transparent garment bags, using the REDcycle soft plastic drop-off bins available in major supermarkets in Australia.

More information about THE ICONIC’s packaging journey can be found here.

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