What is THE ICONIC Considered and why did THE ICONIC launch it?


Our THE ICONIC Considered shop highlights products with sustainability credentials, allowing you to shop by your own personal sustainability values. If you see ‘Considered’ highlighted on product pages it means the product is made using at least one material or process that is better for humans, animals or the environment than conventional alternatives, or is from a brand that’s making contributions to the community around us.

We want to show that shopping this way doesn’t have to be more expensive, or compromise your style. We know that sustainability means different things to different people and we want to support and enable customers who share THE ICONIC’s concerns about sustainability.

We currently have over 300 brands included in THE ICONIC Considered and we are constantly adding new brands to the edit as new items comes online. THE ICONIC is committed to increasing the number of brands/items with sustainability attributes to 10% of the total items available on site by 2020.

Start shopping the THE ICONIC Considered edit here.

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