If I place my order now, when will I receive it?


Depending on your location and the items you want to buy you will have different delivery options available to you. For a general overview of our shipping options you can jump on to our shipping policy on our website by clicking here

Do you already know what you are buying and where it is being delivered to?

If you want a delivery estimate specified to you and the items you are wanting to purchase the best way to check this is by entering your postcode on the product page of each item you are looking at purchasing. In the screenshot below you can find the section for where to enter your postcode, if this section isn't visible to you simply scroll down on the page until it appears. 


You will also get delivery estimates for each parcel your order is split in to on the checkout page. Always double check this section before you place your order as we are unable to change this once the order has been placed in our system. 

Do I have to pay for my delivery? 

We have both free and premium shipping options available for you. All orders under $50.00 will have an automatic shipping fee applied to them regardless of the delivery service you choose in the checkout. 

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