How will I be refunded?


All refunds from THE ICONIC are reverse transactions back to the same payment method you used when you placed your ICONIC order with the exception being if you choose for your cash to be refunded as a 110% store credit. 

We will always let you know once your refund has been processed via email to the email address you have connected to your ICONIC account. 


Credit card or PayPal

Your refund will be credited into the same account your payment came from. If you have cancelled the card connected to the account the funds should still go back to the account. 

If you have cancelled your bank account, please let us know! 


ICONIC Gift Card

The refund amount will be credited to your online ICONIC account, ready to be used on your next purchase.


Part credit card, part voucher (including Gift Cards)

The amount you paid by credit card will be credited back into the same account and the amount paid by voucher will be credited to your online ICONIC account. Courtesy/ promotional vouchers and delivery fee's are all non-refundable.



When we process a refund for your order and you have chosen to pay with afterpay, we notify afterpay of the amounts to be refunded which is then processed on their end. The refund amounts are taken off the last payment/s first. If at least one payment has been made in relation to your purchase, and the refunded amount is greater than the amount outstanding, the difference between these amounts will be refunded to the credit/debit card that you used to place the order. The bank may take 3-5 business days to refund the money to your card.

For example, let’s say you made a $400 purchase using Afterpay (i.e. 4 instalments of $100 each) and wish to return items worth $250. Once your return has been processed by us, we will notify Afterpay who will cancel your 3rd and 4th instalments of $100, and amend your 2nd instalment to $50.


110% Store Credit 

When returning an item, you can opt for 110% store credit. Once your return has been received and processed, this credit (in the amount of your paid price plus 10% extra) will be available online in your ICONIC account, ready to apply to your next purchase.

Please note, store credits are applied to the account registered with the same email address used to place your order and cannot be transferred from one account to another. 

Store credit is valid for 12 months.

Once store credit has been issued and processed on to your ICONIC account we cannot reverse this for cash as per our terms and conditions


New Zealand customers: please note that all transactions are completed in AUD which means depending on the current conversion rate, you may see a different refund value to your original order charge.

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