How does THE ICONIC Store Credit work?


Once Store Credit has been applied to an account it will automatically be deducted from your next purchase. "Your Credit" under your ICONIC account is the best place to keep an eye on the current credits waiting to be used.

Store credit is automatically applied to an order on a Pro-rata basis to give a refundable amount on individual items and is not wholly deducted from the overall price of the order.

Can I return an item purchased with Store Credit?

As long as the item follows the 3 rules of return you can return the item back to us. 

Please keep in mind Store Credit can only be refunded back as a Store Credit. Your credit will remain on your account for a full 12 months before expiring so you’ve got a bit of time to use it on something you absolutely love. Once applied it cannot be reverted to a refund at a later date.

We are unable to transfer credits between accounts.

The terms and conditions for store credit purchases and returns are outlined here

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