An item is out of stock - Help, It’s a fashion emergency!


With the nature of online shopping this can happen but that does not necessarily mean the item is lost to the sands of time!

Some of our stock is what we call ‘Core Items’ and we always try to have them in the Fulfilment Centre year round, Pop us through a web form with the name, brand and SKU number of the item and we should be able to give you a rough idea of when it is coming back to stock.

Other items that are ‘Seasonal Items’ typically will not be restocked once sold out as we always like to keep our range up to date and fresh. The best method to keep an eye on these items to utilise our ‘Notify Me’ feature in the sizes drop down of the item. This will send you through a notification of the item you are after is returned or restocked.  


Please note that at this stage when placing items in your bag, they are not kept on hold for you.

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